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Dream or reality


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We met in a dream under a beautiful sky full of stars.I give you a strong hug, a sweet kiss and I ask you how you are, how is your life going.I would like to know if where you are the sun always shines or if it rains, or if the wind is blowing or it's snowing.If you see swifts fly, all together or with a bit of fantasy you can imagine them drawing for us a big heart.I know you don't love talking about you even if I don't understand why. I think it's important when someone gives you his attention, when someone listens to you, enjoys your way to live life, to be happy for little and simple things.Watching the sun rising and see the beginning of a new day, or seeing it dying when at the sunset the sky paints itself in red and slowly it becomes darker. Magically you see the stars glowing, you start to count them and then, breathing the fresh air of the evening, under the starry sky. It happens during the summer, after a work day or coming back from the sea. I imagine how it could be wonderful can live these thrills with the persone you love, that lives in your mind every hour and every moment of your existance. I would like to know a lot of things of your life, of your feeling or easily if in summer you go to the sea. Lot of questions for you, maybe zero answers for me. I know I have to get used to don't ask questions when I write in your online diary. Once again I say that I find it beautiful. It is possible to notice that you are a man of vast culture, mostly gentle and undestanding with me. You have published my posts even if they don't deserved your attention. You always encouraged me write, to overcome the fear of not making it and so I did. Maybe I took advantage too much, I apologize for this. Now it's late, the magic night ends here for me and I'm sorry. Indro Montanelli was right when he said: dreams die at dawn.

P.S: Facts and people of this article, are purely imaginaryAuthor of the post: Dina Lenti

  Dreams die at dawn. 1961 film Enrico Grass Indro Montanelli. Taken from a theatrical text by Montanelli hi



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